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Former California Route 480

Length: About 1.5 miles

Termini: Broadway and Interstate 80

Reason for decomissioning:  Because I-480 wasn't completed to US 101 (the fact that the Park Presidio section was scrapped earlier made it a violator already, like I-495) due to the Freeway Revolt of San Francisco, it was demoted to CA 480.

History: CA 480 is the only true Interstate embarassment of San Francisco, since US 101 (the Central) is a US route.  Of course, there was that "waterfront problem"...that is the main reason.  And it was a mess.  However, it did help commuters as the other into-downtown spur (US 101, the Central, is now the only into-downtown spur).  

The Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 did not give the Embarcadero a scratch, but to make it look like that the route was "damaged" they closed it off.  The happy demolition party occured one year later.  And what is left of CA 480 is the Fremont Street ramps and the Doyle Drive freeway.

So CA 480 was destroyed only because of hate of freeways, not because of the fact that the route was damaged.

Also, before they decided to demolish CA 480, Caltrans and San Francisco were given a choice of creating an at-grade "urban boulevard" (like West Street in Manhattan, which was under the shadow of the former West Side Elevated Highway).  That is exactly what The Embarcadero is now, although it hasn't been extended to the Marina District, serving the purpose of fomer I-480.  Also, there are no direct ramps between The Embarcadero and I-80, although commuters would probably use I-280 to The Embarcadero.

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