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California Route 905

Length: 1.9 miles (freeway section from I-5 to I-805)

Termini: CA 905 starts at I-5 and ends at the border following Otay Mesa Road; freeway ends at I-805.

Reason for being a state route:  CA 905 is a state route because of the substandard section east of I-805; however, this number is in preparation for future interstatedom (like I-469, I-394, and I-840).

History: CA 905 was originally the CA 75 extension, from around 1968 to 1984.  From 1984 to 1991, this was CA 117.  Apparantly some enterprising politician decided to make this an interstate, and California designated this as CA 905, in preparation for becoming I-905.  It is already 139(b) non-charged interstate, like CA 15 (I-15 in a few years) or the other state route 3dis that have been promoted.

Andy Field's page at details more about this important truck route to Mexico.  Because truck traffic is now banned at the I-5 crossing in San Ysidro, trucks have been rerouted to use CA 905.  Since the section inbetween the Otay Mesa Crossing and I-805 has not been upgraded or barriered, more accidents have happened on here than on any other undivided route.  Traffic has increased by the thousands.  

Development on CA 905 may increase with Brown Field becoming a relief airport for Lindbergh, and the maquiladoras (American factories accross the border to get cheaper labor) near Otay Mesa and Tijuana.

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