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Pennsylvania Route 581

Length: Around 10 miles

Termini: Mechanicsburg at I-81, and I-83 in Lemoyne

Reason for being a state route: None I can see logical; it may just be a leftover from the completion of the I-81 interchange a few years back.

History: PA 581 is the Harrisburg Expressway, connecting I-81 with I-83 south and also giving I-81 north travlers a link to downtown Harrisburg without getting on surface streets.  A map recently published the inset of Harrisburg with a I-581 shield, making this "an exciting new update".  This after the interchange had been in the works for 20 years.  Despite that, it still officially is PA 581, waiting for some bill to make it I-581.

However, some politician said "We wanna be like DC, where politics is important" so they decided to have a run game (I had to use catchy words) and they decided to steal the Capital Beltway name from I-495.  I wonder what the signs look like; they're probably Bud's face in a circle with the words CAPITAL BELTWAY inside the circle, plus a PennDOT logo on the back that says "We work to make your roads safer!!!"  Go figure.  If I ever visit Harrisburg, I will probably have evil desires to spraypaint the sign with "BUD SUCKS!!!!"

My personal wish for this route: Replace PA 283 and I-283 with I-581, then extend 581 to Wilmington via US 30, PA 41, and PA/DE 48.  A southern bypass of Philadelphia.  Maybe then extend it via the Delaware Memorial Bridge to NJ 55, and end it there, if I-76 becomes the Atlantic City Expressway and NJ 55 becomes an odd x76.

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