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Vermont Route 289

Length: About 2 miles

Termini: VT 117 and VT 2A

Reason for being a state route: Because of enviromental impact problems involved in interstatedom, VT 289 was reduced to a Super 2, and is under construction.

History: Is not finished at all...the Super 2 is still under construction, and about 8-10 miles long.  One of the shorter bypasses I know of.

This was to have been I-289, but the fact that there were those ridiculous "enviromental impact" studies made Vermont build it as a state route.  Expansion is a possibillity, but I doubt it.

Vermont is also home to another stupid 3di that Isn't, VT 191 in Newport.  That is a 2 lane spur for a town of 4,000.  But I'll describe it in detail on that page.

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