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Wishlist for many things

Since many interstate wishlists have come and gone, I've decided to do my own!!!  NOTE:  Some interstates may be mentioned.


US 9: Change NY 9A to US 9A, extend via the Holland Tunnel to the Pulaski Skyway.

US 22: Extend to eastern Long Island via Holland Tunnel, Williamsburg Bridge, and NY 27.

US 130: Replace with US 301.

US 322: Commodore Barry Bridge in Chester becomes I-476 extension to NJTP.

NJTP: Becomes I-95E.

NJ 3: Extend to I-80 in West Paterson and call it I-495.

Atlantic City Expressway: As stated in a jillion wishlists, GIVE IT I-76 DESIGNATION!!! Same for the North-South Freeway section that's NJ 42.

US 395: Multiplex with I-15 and I-215 to San Diego and replace CA 163.

NJ/NY 440: Complete the Newark Bay Freeway to I-95 near Secaucus and call it I-95A. (We ran out of good x95s; they'd be too close to their NY counterparts).

Garden State Parkway from NJ 440 south to near Cape May: Give it US 9 designation; current US 9 becomes TRK US 9.

NJ 81/NJ 21: Connect with a freeway to I-80 or I-287.

Gratigny Parkway in Miami: Extend southeast to I-95 and make it I-75.

Kentucky parkways: Give the frontage route designations to the parkways; however, keep the KY parkway signs.

Phoenix: Create a new I-10 going to the I-17 "bend"; rename current I-10 as an extension of Loop 202.  AZ 51 would be given its original I-510 designation.  AZ 143 could be I-110.  

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