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Standing on Kenny's House

Since I couldn't afford myself a soapbox, I went down to South Park and found the perfect box to state my opinion.  Unfortunately, it was Kenny's house.  Now he's starving in the cold waiting for welfare handouts...please donate!!! =)

Anyways...I will be stating my opinions on many different issues; I may be 12, but I do have opinions.  And of course, as I stated--it's dedicated to THAT subject we hold dear to our hearts, highways.

Indy Beltway: What a waste of US highways...why can't INDOT route them through town?  Or build cut-and-covers...

Suffixed US/Interstate Routes: IMO, if done properly, can reduce the 3di usage rate (Interstate) and can give multiple alternate routes for cross-country travelers, as well as give twin cities the mainline.  If done improperly...well, AASHTO bungled the suffixing with the "mainline spurs" like I-80S and I-70N.

A wishlist: Well, every person has to have their personal wishlist.  Here's mine; I purposely made it incomplete!!!

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